Shipping takes time, and it’s worth the wait! We, and the suppliers we work with, ask for a grace period to fulfill each order, one at a time. Someday soon, Space Alive will offer local pickup and delivery options for delicate pieces and original artworks, but will continue to support ‘snail mail’ for shipping homegrown artworks around the world! Please expect a few weeks between placing and receiving orders.

There's always something we can do to ensure each purchase is a winning situation for everyone involved! For any and all questions or curiosities about shipping, please click here and send a message to Space Alive.


As of July 1, 2021, all shipping through Space Alive is provided by the suppliers we work with. Please note, any unclaimed mail will be returned to their facility, and donated to charity after 4 weeks. Addresses deemed insufficient by the mailers, including wrong addresses, will also be returned to the suppliers, and donated after 4 weeks if unclaimed. Packages lost in transit need to be reported within 4 weeks of the delivery date, to be re-shipped with costs covered. Otherwise, all shipping and re-shipping costs are covered by the person purchasing.